Frequently Asked Questions


Frost Monitoring  Overview

Alarms are triggered by events such as temperature changes and hardware faults. At the start of the season these alarms need to be activated for each site, via the Alarm Settings page. 

Once activated, the alarms will display on the main page against each triggered sensor.    

For important alarms, we recommended you activate notifications. Contacts can be notified by phone, SMS or email.  They can then log in to the app to monitor the situation in real-time.



How do I log in?

Use your existing username and password to log in at

If you want the username to automatically be pre-filled, select ‘Remember me’ in the login dialog. The next time you login, the username will be preset.

If the username is pre-filled, usually the browser does pre-fill the password as well. However, some browsers need to be configured, before they remember your password. For example on your iOS device, go to Settings and scroll down to Passwords & Accounts. Now tap on AutoFill Passwords, turn on the AutoFill toggle. The next time you enter the password, you will be ask if you want to store your password.

If you can’t remember your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the ‘Forgot password’ link. To retrieve your user name, or for any other issue, call us during business hours on (+64) 9 273 6159.

How do I contact Support?

Call (+64) 9 273 6159 during business hours

What are alarm events and notifications?

An event is triggered when an alarm condition is met. For example, when a threshold like reaching a minimum temperature, or a hardware fault is detected. If contact details are added, any alarm can be configured to notify the contact of events. This can be via text message, email and/or automated phone call. Events remain active for 30minutes, after which they reset themselves.

How do I activate (and deactivate) alarms?

At the top of the Alarm settings page, there are options to activate or deactivate all alarms. These allow alarms to be switched on/off at the start/end of each season. Alarms can also be added individually, then turned on or off via the alarm detail page.

How does the first/every-time setting work?

First time: An event is generated only the first time one sensor in a group reaches an alarm threshold. (If subsequent sensors reach the alarm condition, no further events are sent).  

Every time: An event is generated every time any sensor in a group reaches the defined threshold. Events are closed 30min after the condition was last met. 

For a specific sensor: Each time the sensor reaches the provided threshold.

Which alarms should be configured by default?

Min Battery alarm: The voltage threshold is configured to notify when the battery is too weak to start the unit.

Min Canopy alarm: Good practice to configure an alarm when the fans are about to start. Some users configure two alarms:  One set  1° or 2°  above the fan start temps,  the other at the start temperature of the fans.

Engine Controller Fault alarm: Notify contacts when a fan is not able to start because of a fault condition.

Unit overdue alarm: The Radio (Frost Monitoring Unit) failed to communicate to the cloud. The system will not detect any other events for the effected sensors until the connection is restored

How do I add a notification recipient?

At the bottom of each alarm detail page are the notification settings.  The first contact is always you (the logged in user). To add another notification recipient to the alarm, click the ‘Add Contact’ button.

Once you have saved the contact, the contact will be available for all notifications within your site.

How does "Snooze" work?

Snooze will stop notifications for the next 12 hours. Use it when you are monitoring the current situation and don't want to be disturbed by additional notifications. These can be reactivated at any time by clicking "Awake".  

How do I test a new contact/notification?

Activate an alarm that will be triggered immediately under current conditions (e.g. a Fan stopped event).  Verify with the recipient that they received the notification email/SMS/call.

How do I view a list of all fan statuses?

To view a list of all the fans in a condensed format, go to the main frost page, click this list icon, at the top of the left column ( )

Clicking the column headers will re-sort the data

How do I move the map to my current location?

When monitoring the system on your mobile, tap the crosshair in the bottom-right corner of the map and the map will centre on your location. You may be prompted to allow this setting in your browser.