Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Use your existing username and password to log in at To retrieve your user name and password, or for any other issue, call us during business hours on (+64) 9 273 6159.

How do I contact Support?

Call (+64) 9 273 6159 during business hours

How to I control the amount of water applied

Time-based irrigation systems (e.g. K-line) allow setting the irrigation cycle to run at set times, for a set duration based on the number of cycles. These are used for K-line applications.

Volume-based systems will apply the specified depth of water to a zone (in millimetres).

  • Zone only (Fixed) systems apply water in sequence, of up to 4 concurrent zones.

  • Zone and Valve (Flexible) systems run zones in a single sequence, but the application depth of each valve can be modified.

Please note: The irrigation program must be paused before modifying any settings.